Why SHRMLabs


The world of work is changing daily. The way “we’ve always done it” will no longer cut it. SHRMLabs creates a dialogue between tech experts and those who know the workplace best—HR.

As leaders of all things work, we are uniquely positioned to identify needs and find solutions. We are bridging the gap between HR and tech to solve our most pressing workplace challenges. We are inspiring innovation to create better workplaces.

SHRMLabs is the vehicle that supports workplace tech startups, investors, HR professionals, and business leaders.

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Our Principles

These beliefs and behaviors fuel our work.



Our outcomes are stronger when ideas come from diverse perspectives. We intentionally create opportunities to learn from one another.



The foundation of innovation is curiosity. Our favorite phrases are, “have you thought about…?”, “what if we…?”, and “what do we dislike about…?”



People-First Technology

Workplace technology is growing in importance, quality, and agility.

We love the opportunity technology presents and we know the best technologies are designed to lift and support people.



Our programming is designed to support the workplace revolution and in turn, create a better world.


Learn more about innovative startups helping HR solve some of our toughest challenges impacting work, workers, and the workplace today and in the future.

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