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The Crucial Role of Change Management: Part 1 – Analyze

Change management is the set of actions that helps take you from point A to point B. Point B being the promised land you’re hoping to get to. It encompasses a structured set of processes, tools, and techniques aimed at minimizing resistance and maximizing the benefits of change. From a technical standpoint, this definition is true, but change management is really about winning the hearts and minds of the people experiencing the change. Of course rigor, process, and organization are critical keys to success, but really understanding how the change will impact employees, why there might be resistance in the organization, and how to not only get employees on board but to also champion the change, is truly what successful change management looks like…

The Crucial Role of Change Management: Part 2 – Build

The “Build” phase marks the second step in the change management process. This phase involves constructing the change management implementation plan that will ultimately be approved and rolled out. Some of the key tools and approaches used during this phase include…

The Crucial Role of Change Management: Part 3 – Execute

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